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Automotive Lifts

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2-post lifts are most widely used by body shops due to their simple design, easy installation and relatively low cost. 2-post lifts, equipped with electro-hydraulic drive, offer a lifting capacity of up to 4 tons, comfortable operation and easy maintenance.
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Electro-hydraulic 4-post lifts have a versatile application and can be used for wheel alignment and general body repair. Structurally they consist of two pairs of posts connected by two runways onto which a vehicle is driven. Lifts are equipped with entry ramps allowing the vehicle to be easily driven onto the runways.
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Medium-height mobile scissors lifts for tire changing and wheel balancing. The main advantages of these lifts are their space saving storage and free movability throughout the working area. Scissors lifts are equipped with hydraulic drive ensuring noise-free operation and long life of equipment. The two sides of the lift are kept aligned by means of a hydraulic, electronic or mechanical system. The lift is equipped with mechanical safety ratchets preventing its unintentional lowering.
A lift is one of the major types of garage equipment used in car body repair and maintenance. Lifts are intended to provide easy and fast access to all vehicle components, assemblies and aggregates for their diagnostics, repair and replacement. Safety, comfort and ease of lift operation have a major impact on the operator’s performance and the overall performance of the body shop.